LDTVLimited Definition Television
LDTVLow Definition Television
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Como fuente propia cuentan con su propio canal en YouTube, LDTV. En el ambito de las fuentes extemas difunden contenidos de las siguientes plataformas: YouTube, La Moncloa (canal YouTube), La voz del Interior (canal de Youtube), Daily Motion, NBA TV, elsotanoperdido.com y British Fashion Awards.
The use of the DVB-T has advantages on analogue transmission, such as high degree of utilization of spectrum; immunity to interference and noise; use of MFN and SFN; MPEG-2 capabilities; different levels of image quality (LDTV, SDTV, EDTV, HDTV); possibility of fixed, portable and mobile reception; flexible bands: III, IV and V; and flexibility of configurations.
A Krein-space approach is presented in [7] to [H.sub.[infinity]] fault estimation for LDTV system, where the augmented approach [13] is also used.