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LDVSLeak Detection Vent System (synthetic liners)
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First, Table 4 reports the results of regressions that use the same set of control variables as Table 3, but introduce a lagged version of the dependent variable (LDV) on the right-hand side of the equation (that is, the prior year's value of the variable).
The recent CRC E-99 project [7] investigated a number of modifications to the gravimetric PM measurement method for LDVs in an effort to increase PM mass levels while preserving the integrity of the method and decreasing the testing variability.
In Figure 5 the block diagram shows the exemplary basic components of the BEV, HEV, LDV, PHEV, FCV, FCHEV and Table 1 includes all available Electrical Vehicles Acronyms and its significance.
To capture the detailed vibrational deformation of the steel box girders, monitoring of the dynamic spatial deformation of low flange plates under the passage of trains was conducted using LDVs,108) as shown in Fig.
First, in the new formulation of the follower's problem, instead of the annual emission constraint, the model uses the total lifetime emission constraint because previous simulation results [9] showed that there are no early forced retirement of LDVs. So a lifetime emission target for the LDV sector which is equivalent to our earlier annual emission constraint is
LDV vans, built at Washwood Heath until the firm's collapse seven years ago, will go on sale in the UK again - only this time they are made in China.
As for new incoming LDVs, a label reporting the fuel economy of the vehicle will be mandatory starting in August 2014.
This prospective audit describes the demographics of passengers injured while travelling in the back of LDVs, and the mechanism and spectrum of the injuries.
Transients, including impact or coupled vibrations, are commonly observed in real applications and scanning LDVs impractical to generate a vibration image in these cases.
In 2004, about the 13% of the total traffic performance corresponded to heavy duty vehicles (HDVs), trucks and buses (31906 million vehicle-km), and the rest 87% corresponded to light duty vehicles (LDVs), motorcycles, vans and cars (209809 million vehicle-km).