LDWLane Departure Warning (Infiniti cars)
LDWLoss Damage Waiver (insurance)
LDWLane Departure Warning
LDWLoss Damage Waiver
LDWLeadership Development Workshop (various organizations)
LDWLindenwold (Amtrak station code; Lindenwold, NJ)
LDWLabor Day Weekend
LDWLocal Data Warehouse
LDWLaidlaw, Inc (former stock symbol)
LDWLocal Danger Warning (Vehicular Ad Hoc Network)
LDWLong Distance Walker (someone who practises the sport of long distance walking)
LDWLimited Damage Waiver (insurance)
LDWLast Day Worked
LDWLess Developed World
LDWLateral Drift Warning System (automotive)
LDWLogical Decision for Windows
LDWLarge Diameter Weapon
LDWLess Door Width
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Along with Orleck, LDW includes Megan Ullmann, Matt Ramsdell, Chuck Warda, Joel Davis, Taylor Stapleton, Hayley Schwartzman and Tom Morrison.
Regardless of the metal applied, LDW was always more affected by stress than the other plant parts and levels of toxic metals in the leaves were always lower than those in the stem and roots.
In 2007, the European Congress of Local and Regional Authorities were so taken with the UK's Local Democracy Week that they pinched it - extending it into European LDW, with local authorities from all Council of Europe states doing the kinds of things we'd started a decade earlier.
MarkLogic expands upon the vision of the LDW, providing all LDW capabilities in a single technology stack--handling a variety of data types at massive scale in mission-critical environments.
LDW Atelier has designed clothing for the stars of ITV2's The Only Way is Essex and singer Sinitta.
Perhaps your employer would reimburse you for the annual cost of the card if your business trips require that you frequently rent a car, you use your own credit card, and you decline the rental company's LDW.
If the rental agreement or state law precludes any such recovery by the rental company, it would not be necessary for the renter to purchase LDW.
LDW becomes inactive in the following conditions: on unpaved roads, roads with poor lane markings or badly defined road edges, and at speeds below 25 mph.
They said they only had the first four LDWs and that they were sorry my claim was void because they couldn't trace the fifth and sixth declarations.
The LDW shields developers of InfoApps from the complexities of the original data sources and offers unified data access.
The FCM and LDW systems operate to maintain vehicle and occupant safety by using audible and visual alerts to warn the driver of impending danger.