LDWFLouisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries
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5) Compartmentalization of shrimp fisheries management jurisdic tion2 among the GMFMC, TPWD, LDWF, MDMR, ADCNR, and FFWCC (Caillouet et al.
Statistics produced by LDWF indicate that the number of vessels <25 ft registered with a commercial shrimp license for Terrebonne Parish in year 2001 was 1,212 out of 1,963 total commercial licenses, or 63% of all commercial licenses.
To compare the revenue information provided by the survey respondents with LDWF statistics, it was necessary to regroup the survey boat sizes according to the categories reported in the Horst and Holloway study (2002).
Of these, 114 investigative reports were reviewed: 96 with coroners' records, six with LDWF reports, and 12 with both; investigative reports for 23 (17%) cases could not be obtained.
Of 114 deaths with coroner or LDWF records, 83 (73%) occurred in natural bodies of water (e.
Interestingly, in year 2000, seed oysters (<75 mm) were uncommonly abundant in LDWF Coastal Study Area (CSA) 2, which encompasses our study area.
Fish and Wildlife Service, TPWD and LDWF began looking at the populations in the western Gulf species as a whole.
Larry Reynolds, Waterfowl Study Leader for LDWF, represents the state on the Mississippi Flyway Council, and is responsible for making recommendations on season lengths and bag limits.
The grant will help fund programs for several different groups, and allow the LDWF to provide sub-grants for other education projects.
The LDWF delineated 7 coastal fisheries management zones across the state, termed coastal study areas (CSAs).