LDXLisdexamfetamine (aka Lisdexamfetamine Dimesylate; stimulant)
LDXLisdexamfetamine Dimesylate (aka Lisdexamfetamine; stimulant)
LDXLoad Index
LDXLoad X (6502 processor instruction)
LDXLong Distance Extender
LDXLong-Distance Xerox
LDXLogo Design Experts (est. 2000)
LDXLow Density Line
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The Xtra LDX has a three-sided cargo deck opening that can carry 535kg, offered at P248,000.
"The LDX cameras will enable Alamiya to offer their customers tailor-made solutions, enabling them to handle the most demanding and complex projects."
From the first studies to the most recent reviews, LDX has been shown to be more effective than a placebo in reducing the main ADHD symptoms (Biederman, Krishnan, Zhang, McGough, & Findling, 2007; Faraone & Buitelaar, 2010; Punja, Schmid, et al., 2016; Punja, Shamseer, et al., 2016; Stuhec, Munda, Svab, & Locatelli, 2015).
The Ape' Xtra LDX and Ape Auto DX are part of the new water-cooled engine technology range.
A Lisdexanfetamina (LDX) representa uma pro-droga, sendo metabolizada no sangue pela enzima L-lisina em d-anfetamina sendo um processo lento que permite o aumento da meia vida do farmaco.
With this engagement, Fabrizio Radice - LDx Global Sales & Mktg Director said, "I am proud that Oxford Biosystems will sell and support Labsystems Diagnostics products which will enhance Labsystems' presence in the UK and Ireland markets for its Infectious Disease, Point of Care, PCR, Gastro and Newborn Screening products.
5: Showing the Incidence of Different ADRs in Different Groups PGB LDX AMT dizziness 7 2 9 postural hypotension 1 - 2 somnolence 8 1 12 nausea/vomitting - 1 - lethargy 3 5 4 insomia - 2 1 dry mouth - 1 3 anorexia 1 4 3 Total ADRs = 70 No of patients experiencing ADRs = 21 PGB-29%, DLX-23%, AMT-48% Note: Table made from bar graph.
The results of ADF Unit Root state that variables LDX, LPOP, LSEDU and LINF have integration order I(0) while variables HCR, LFDI and LGDP have order of integration as I(1).
A new scanner plug-in module supports up to 20 nodes of A-B PowerFlex AC drives or CompactBlock LDX I/O, which helps reduce wiring costs and installation.
50 [micro]L capillary blood was taken from the fingertip and collected in heparinized capillary tubes (Cholestech LDX, Germany).
The parents on lisdexamfetamine dimesylate (LDX) also were significantly more verbally responsive to their child.