LDXLisdexamfetamine (aka Lisdexamfetamine Dimesylate; stimulant)
LDXLisdexamfetamine Dimesylate (aka Lisdexamfetamine; stimulant)
LDXLoad Index
LDXLoad X (6502 processor instruction)
LDXLong Distance Extender
LDXLong-Distance Xerox
LDXLogo Design Experts (est. 2000)
LDXLow Density Line
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For PTTV's news productions, the three RS-LDX integrated robotic cameras make full use of the small but powerful features of the LDX Compact Series, which is combined with robotics and various options.
For instance, the deployment of the LDX 80 Flex cameras provides NTV with single-format 1080i or 720p video acquisition, enabling the camera operator to capture "stunning imagery combined with high-sensitivity and low-noise performance".
Pineda (2014) no boletim sobre a utilizacao da LDX em Castillha afirma o seu potencial em tratar casos de TDAH com resultado semelhante aos metilfenidatos de liberacao prolongada.
In contrast to the lack of change in parenting behaviors during this initial study phase, significant reductions in the children's inappropriate behavior during the homework task was documented when the parent was on LDX versus placebo.
They then write their OPORDs and prepare for their LDX training iterations.
When comparing the Cholestech LDX and the CardioChek PA to a laboratory gold standard, the Cholestech LDX demonstrated better reproducibility and was more accurate in categorizing the Framingham Risk Score (Dale, Jensen, & Krantz, 2008).
When operating, the LDX magnet is supported by the magnetic field from an electromagnet overhead, which is controlled continuously by a computer based on precision monitoring of its position using eight laser beams and detectors.
LDX takes a different approach to recreate the "turbulent pinching" of the plasma.
The Delta robot platform LDX is suitable for use in the pharmaceutical, food and confectionary industries.
The higher strength of the LDX steel in comparison to traditional austenitic stainless steel allows smaller and therefore cost-efficient constructions.
Table 2 Rates of commonly reported adverse effects during phase-3 lisdexamfetamine (LDX) study LDX LDX LDX LDX Adverse effect 30 mg/d 50 mg/d* 70 mg/d* all dosages Placebo All adverse effects 72% 68% 84% 74% 47% Decreased appetite 37% 31% 49% 39% 4% Insomnia 16% 16% 25% 19% 3% Upper abdominal pain 14% 7% 15% 12% 6% Headache 10% 10% 16% 12% 10% Irritability 11% 8% 10% 10% 0% Vomiting 7% 5% 14% 9% 4% Weight loss 6% 3% 19% 9% 1% *Dosages were randomly titrated regardless of efficacy or tolerability.