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LDYLoad Y (6502 processor instruction)
LDYLead Design Yard
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Total spending was 16.88 billion dinars, more than total revenue of LDY 16.7 billion.
The Tripoli CBL said public salary payments made up 66 per cent of spending in the first half of the year, and subsidies 19 per cent, salary payments are expected to increase by LDY 4.5 billion in 2018 due to the inclusion of salaries under the eastern government.
Phase III: Extinction The top plot in Figure 2 (EXT) shows that Participant LDY's response rates for both Games A and B fell to zero within two sessions.
The first data point for each component at the onset of the phase shows that Game-A proportional rates were higher than Game-B rates for four of five participants (LDY, SWN, DNL, and RBG), although some of the differences were small.
Results of LDY's reinstatement probe are shown in the top panel of Fig.
To summarize the results, response rates in EXT as proportion of baseline were greater for Game A than Game B: (a) in three of five participants during the first component of the initial extinction test (LDY, DNL, RBG; Fig.
We note that all participants except LDY continued to play the games during at least one EXT condition, suggesting that the games themselves provided intrinsic reinforcement which could counteract the absence of token reinforcement during tests.
WELCOME ADDITION: Kurt Davie following his attestation in to B (LDY) Squadron, The Royal Yeomanry with (left) Lady Jennifer Gretton (Lord Lt Of Leicesterhsire), Peter Lewis (chairman of Leicestershire County Council), and his wife Jean Lewis
If the [a.sub.8] < 0, then the relation between abnormal trading activity and dividend-increase magnitude declines with higher values of LDY. Hence, a negative and significant coefficient estimate on [a.sub.8] is interpreted as evidence consistent with the second hypothesis that there is a smaller clientele reaction for higher-dividend-paying stocks, ceteris paribus.
The prior dividend level (LDY) variable has a mean of 0.1441 in the full sample; since this variable is not used in the low-dividend sample (other than to identify the low-dividend observations), n o amount is reported for it.
The coefficient estimates on the pre-dividend-increase dividend level variable, LDY, are positive and highly significant.
Differentiating equation (8) with respect to [DELTA]DY provides an estimate of the marginal effect of a one-unit dividend yield increase on abnormal trading activity for a given level of LDY For example, using the results from the individual model from Panel A, the marginal effect of a one-unit dividend yield increase is: