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LDYLoad Y (6502 processor instruction)
LDYLead Design Yard
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We note that all participants except LDY continued to play the games during at least one EXT condition, suggesting that the games themselves provided intrinsic reinforcement which could counteract the absence of token reinforcement during tests.
Table 1 Participant Characteristics Participant Gender Age PPVT Diagnosis LDY F 20 6:1 Autism SWN M 21 3:0 Autism DNL M 19 2:11 PDD RBG M 20 5:1 Autism HDS M 21 7:11 PDD AEA * M 17 2:7 Autism Note.
The coefficient estimates on the pre-dividend-increase dividend level variable, LDY, are positive and highly significant.
Differentiating equation (8) with respect to [DELTA]DY provides an estimate of the marginal effect of a one-unit dividend yield increase on abnormal trading activity for a given level of LDY For example, using the results from the individual model from Panel A, the marginal effect of a one-unit dividend yield increase is:
Using these point estimates, the marginal effect on abnormal trading of a one-unit increase in dividend yield when LDY is -1 is 0.
The effect of TRA 86 on the H2 analysis is investigated by augmenting equation (8) with additional variables representing the interaction of [DELTA]DY, CG, LDY, and [DELTA]ADY*LDY with PRE.
A partial F-test on the joint hypothesis that the coefficient estimates on LDY and LDY*[DELTA]DY are zero (null hypothesis is [a.