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Ldon Gwod came to Canada from Burkina Faso, is married to a local French-Canadian ("la fille de l'habitant") and works in a manual position in an Ottawa office building, a job with which, by his own admission, he is not entirely satisfied.
"The Suture of an Allusion: Lacan with Ldon Bloy." In Legacies of Anti-Semitism in France.
The historicist interpretation of this phrase is presented by Alice Yaeger Kal)Ian of Duke University, De Man's rejection of "vulgar anti-Semitism," she argues, was part of the "micro -polemics among anti-Semites, polemics that divide antiSemitic texts along class lines or 'taste' lines." Le Soir's Ldon van Huffel argued against what he called "social" antiSemitism; the French anti-Semitic writer Brasillach argued against what he called "irrational" anti-Semitism, as exemplified by Celine.
lDON O'Riordan has named a panel of 34 eircom League players in preparation for the representative tournament against England.