LE6Liquid Edition 6
LE6Full-Length E6 Protein (biochemistry)
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130 Main Street, Newtown Linford, Leicestershire, LE6 0AF.
In this culture medium, LE5 produced 3.86 mg [day.sup.-1] of mycelial mass, which is very high, compared to the other strains, followed by LE6, with 2.43 mg [day.sup.-1].
The breakdown is 857 income tax evasion cases worth LE6 billion and 500 VAT evasion cases worth LE2 billion.
Hehowever denied the existence of any obstacles to opening letters of credit for new commodities in light of the availability of dollars on the markets and low exchange rates of LE6.90 down from LE7.50 last year.
According to the chairman of one of the companies working in this field, a tonne of PET has skyrocketed in a matter of months from LE6,000 to LE7,500, at a time when industrialists are having to buy their dollars on the black market.
Summary: Yields edged lower at a LE6 billion (US$1.005 billion) Egyptian treasury bill auction on Thursday but traders said rates were likely to stay close to recent highs because of political tensions and the small number of buyers.
In addition, interest income increased significantly from LE11.1mn in 2006 compared to LE31.8mn, on the back of LE6.9mn and LE4.8mn return on investment in treasury bills and investments in sister companies, respectively.
Revenue from other sources including mines, government companies, freight levy and road tax is projected to be Le6.5bn.
COMMINUTION EQUIPMENT (Meat, Cheese, Fish, Fruit and Vegetables) Urschel International Ltd, 6 Groby Trading Estate, Groby, Leicester LE6 0FH.
The pound would have depreciated rapidly in the absence of sufficient central bank deposits and would have been worth closer to LE7.5 or LE8 to a dollar instead of LE6.89.
The move also battered the country's black market of the US currency as the dollar fell to LE6.8 from LE7.5.