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LEAALaw Enforcement Assistance Administration
LEAALaw Enforcement Alliance of America
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Though LEAA and federal support for university-based law enforcement education departments was not the beginning of higher education's intimacy with police, it did signal a critical point in the complicity of higher education in the school-to-prison pipeline.
Birch Bayh of Indiana argued for the creation of the LEAA by declaring that "at no time in our history has disrespect for law and those who administer and enforce it been so general and widespread.
And then that sort of analysis disappeared with the LEAA.
The NIJ LEAA protocol from the 1970s rewarded early-energy transfer.
LEAA provided state block grants for local funding of police social work, as well as domestic violence and victim assistance programs.
Then there's the Indiana State Police, who spent $84,000 in LEAA money on a plane that was mainly used to fly the Governor and his family around the country.
and Patricia Schroeder (D-CO) also brought up the failed LEAA program - the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration programs - of 20 years ago, citing some of the improper funding claims that lead to its repeal.
To encourage states to develop a criminal justice information system designed to meet their own needs, in 1972, LEAA launched the Computerized Data Systems program (CDS).
LEAA was charged with implementing the TASC program, although SAODAP retained control of policy.
Unfortunately, ACA had several of these grants with LEAA.
Entry forms are available at the LEAA Art Centre on Tower Square Plaza.
Yet the federal government, in appropriating billions of dollars for the LEAA program, earmarked the funds primarily for the fortification of the police, thereby contributing to their isolation.