LEABLife Expectancy at Birth
LEABLower Extremity Arterial Bypass
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RMR received a research grant from CNPq; APRR, ASK received a master scholarship from CAPES; LMV received a doctoral scholarship from FAPESP (2008/10619-0); LEAB received a post-doctoral scholarship from PNPD/CAPES and FACEPE (BCT 0039-1.
Comparison data of the WMA technologies Asphalt production temperature (or reduction Technology or Amount of ranges), additive Manufacturer additive [degrees]C Foam bitumen technology, when bitumen foam is caused by water WAM Foam Shell (UK) and 2-5% water by 100-120 Kolo-Veidekke mass of hard (Norway) binder Terex WMA system Terex (USA) ~2% water by mass 130 of bitumen Double-- Astec Industrines ~2% water by mass 116-135 Barrel Green (USA) of bitumen LEA--Low Energy LEA-CO (France) 3% water <100 asphalt introduced with fine sand LEAB Royal BAM Group Foam bitumen with 90 (Netherlands) a special additive (0.