LEACLevelized Energy Adjustment Clause (US Virgin Islands)
LEACLay Episcopalians for the Anglican Communion
LEACLondon Edinburgh Academical Club (UK)
LEACLand and Ecosystem Accounting
LEACLaw Enforcement Aviation Coalition
LEACLambert Equal-Area Conic (mathematical projection)
LEACLaw Enforcement Accreditation Consultants, Inc (Pembroke Pines, FL)
LEACLegal Education Advisory Committee (Mississippi)
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Laghari which was told that PBC would establish a Legal Education Accreditation Committee (LEAC) which will be responsible for execution of the policies and criteria.
Los principios cooperativos estan mencionados en la LEAC y son considerados como los pilares doctrinarios o filosoficos del movimiento cooperativista en Venezuela, los cuales segun Molina y Garcia (2005), son: sociedad abierta y voluntaria, gestion democratica, participacion economica, autonomia e independencia, educacion, entrenamiento e informacion, fomento de la integracion y compromiso con la comunidad.
LEAC, a local development corporation, was created by the County Legislature last year to provide assistance for the not-for-profit sector previously supplied by the Nassau County Industrial Development Agency.
After all, Leac An Scail has had to pit his wits against the likes of Le Beau Bai, Sherwoods Folly, Mobaasher and The Hollinwell.
Por constituir un modelo intermedio, en algunos casos, la principal fuente de ingreso para las cooperativas proviene de prestamos del Estado (5), pero esta razon no debe ser suficiente, para limitarles su autonomia, la cual se encuentra protegida en Venezuela, por el articulo 5 de la LEAC. Ademas por todos los medios debe evitarse "que esa ayuda pueda convertirse en un obstaculo para el normal crecimiento, porque se corre el riesgo de la burocratizacion y la politizacion partidista, frecuentes en el ambito oficial" (Esteller Ortega, 1995: 91).
FORSTAL OE leac 'leek' LECKET GREEN Lekede 1313-4 Seld 24, 206; Lekede 1322 Inq; ate Lekede 1327, 1332, 1334 Subs.
Other portions of the LEAC report were voted on and passed at an earlier meeting and were reported in the April 1 News.
The cost to customers is represented in the LEAC, which stands for levelized energy adjustment clause, the component of the customer s bill that represents the agency s expenses on fuel.
The lowest equivalent annual cost (LEAC) alternative opens up the superstructure to the entire equipment list, including the current equipment, and does not require redundant heating and cooling capacity.
The Pakistan Bar Council will establish a Legal Education Accreditation Committee (LEAC) which will be responsible for execution of the policies and criteria.
LINGFIELD 1.30 Athletic 2.00 Blue Noodles 2.30 Homeboy 3.00 Loyal Royal 3.30 You Da One 4.05 The Strig 4.40 Bright Strike 5.15 Kent Ragstone SOUTHWELL 2.10 Right Stuff 2.40 Free Island 3.10 Caledonia Prince 3.45 Miako 4.20 Spitfire 4.55 Apache Rising 5.30 Peace In Our Time WETHERBY 2.20 Potomac 2.50 Domoly 3.20 Westward Point 3.55 Upswing 4.30 Leac An Scail 5.05 Viking Chief WOLVERHAMPTON 5.50 Sunshine Superman 6.20 Haywain 6.50 Multisure 7.20 Big Sylv 7.50 Illustrious Forest 8.20 Green Special 8.50 John Potts TOMORROW WOLVERHAMPTON 1.40 Silca's Dream 2.10 Tartan Blue 2.40 Mazij 3.15 Foster's Road 3.50 Regal Hawk 4.20 Watt Broderick 4.55 Munaawib 5.25 Crucis Abbey
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.20 Looking On, 2.50 Tipsy Dara, 3.20 Westward Point, 3.55 Rhymers Ha', 4.30 Leac An Scail, 5.05 Lord Brendy.