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LEADSLocal Enable Address Strobe
LEADSLaw Enforcement Automated Data System (State of Ohio)
LEADSLaw Enforcement Agencies Data System (State of Illinois)
LEADSLanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service (Sri Lanka)
LEADSLeague of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents of Saskatchewan
LEADSLeading Environmental Analysis and Display System
LEADSLongitudinal EMT Attribute Demographic Study (NREMT)
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It was not the course I should have chosen, but I followed Raffles without a murmur, only too thankful that he had assumed the lead at last.
A man who has lost his self-respect cannot endure his own society, so I led the dissipated life that wealthy young men lead in Paris.
A few more strokes brought me to a point where my feet touched the floor, and soon thereafter I was above the water level entirely, and racing like mad along the corridor searching for the first doorway that would lead me to Issus.
When telemarketing firms supply the leads, they often call the same leads for other agencies, which can create a bidding situation.
For researchers, the findings bring up some tantalizing leads.
Despite growing environmental pressure on heavy metals, lead remains the most effective PVC heat stabilizer for wire and cable.
For years, mothers have been telling pediatricians that their children changed after being exposed toxic lead, says Herbert Needleman, a professor of child psychiatry and pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh.
In an accidental shooting, a man in his late forties was hit in his left shoulder region by about 60 lead pellets from a shotgun.