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LEAFSLaser-Excited Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
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Eevery Saturday night the Clover Leaf Social Club gave a hop in the hall of the Give and Take Athletic Association on the East Side.
Suddenly a leaf bent lower than usual and touched the Patchwork Girl.
The leaf farthest away was the largest, and to this the old toad swam with Thumbelina in her walnut-shell.
The principal fibre traversing its length being split open a convenient distance, and the elastic sides of the aperture pressed apart, the head is inserted between them, the leaf drooping on one side, with its forward half turned jauntily up on the brows, and the remaining part spreading laterally behind the ears.
It contained leaves of white paper for memoranda, and upon the first leaf was the name "Halpin Frayser.
Is not the hand a spreading palm leaf with its lobes and veins?