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LEANLouisiana Environmental Action Network
LEANLean Education Academic Network
LEANLifestyle, Exercise and Nutrition
LEANLondon East Aids Network
LEANLease Enforcement Attorney Network
LEANLifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition (William Sears)
LEANLaw Enforcement Awareness Network
LEANLaw Enforcement Agency Network
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"Now, out upon thee," cried the tall lean Brother in a harsh voice, "now, out upon thee, that thou shouldst so disgrace thy cloth by this talk and bearing."
Methinks it is more disgrace for one of our garb to wring hard-earned farthings out of the gripe of poor lean peasants.
And there were opportunities, too, for her hair to brush his cheek, and for shoulder to touch shoulder, as they leaned together over the beauty of the books.
She was no longer herself but a woman, with a woman's clinging need; and though she leaned ever so lightly, the need seemed satisfied.
You lie down on your - I mean you lean over the bank, you know, and sloush the things about in the water."
They were very lean, mere skin-bags stretched over bony frames, with strings for muscles--so lean that Henry found it in his mind to marvel that they still kept their feet and did not collapse forthright in the snow.
First came Black Simon with his banner, bestriding a lean and powerful dapple-gray charger, as hard and wiry and warwise as himself.
Gordon Jones, who had been talking to the bishop, leaned towards him and pointed to the envelope.
They were in the front row of the gallery, and presently she leaned over to gaze down at the panorama below, the women in the boxes and stalls, whose bare shoulders and skillfully coiffured hair flashed with jewels.
But soon he leaned out again, for while she was in the garden he felt he must watch and see her walk "so womanly."
She leaned towards him, her face suddenly softened.
He leaned towards her and took her hand, as he said: