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LEAPSLong-Term Equity Anticipation Security
LEAPSLife Excelerator/Assessment of Personal Skills
LEAPSLeadership, Enrichment, Achievement, Participation and Service (grading scheme for secondary schools)
LEAPSLaser Engineering & Application Prototype Systems
LEAPSLeading Edge Advanced Prototyping for Systems
LEAPSLiberty Environment for Advanced Personalized Services
LEAPSLackland Entry Airman Pay System (USAF)
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He succeeded in reaching the rostrum, over the dead bodies of two warriors who had turned to join Thar Ban and his companion in repulsing this adventurous red man, just as Hortan Gur was about to leap from it to the back of his thoat.
She sniffed noses with him, and even condescended to leap about and frisk and play with him in quite puppyish fashion.
One leap more and his teeth would be sinking into it.
At the height of his leap the rope tightened taut on his neck, causing him to describe a somersault and fall heavily to the floor on his side.
Well, sir, I saw your son whipping, and kicking, and knocking that good little pony about shamefully because he would not leap a gate that was too high for him.
He lay down low to the race, whining eagerly, his splendid body flashing forward, leap by leap, in the wan white moonlight.
Buck did not know of this, and as he rounded the bend, the frost wraith of a rabbit still flitting before him, he saw another and larger frost wraith leap from the overhanging bank into the immediate path of the rabbit.
He wanted to leap down among these hairy monsters and show them that he was their friend, that he was one of them.
Those who did not leap died also in the rocks above.
Only one consideration could have prompted me to leap headforemost from that giddy height--suicide; or at least so I thought at the moment.