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LEARNLanka Education and Research Network (Sri Lanka)
LEARNLonestar Education And Research Network
LEARNLiteracy Education and Reading Network (various locations)
LEARNLabor Education and Research Network (Philippines)
LEARNLibrary Electronic Academic Resources Network
LEARNLafayette Emergency Action Response Network (California)
LEARNListen Empathize Apologize React and Notify (customer service complaint handling)
LEARNLee Education and Resource Network (Florida)
LEARNLeaders Educating About Rape and Non-Violence
LEARNLearning for Economic Action and Recovery Network (Santa Ana, CA)
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Picture the entire concept of learning and teaching as a spectrum: on one end we have the traditional style of learning the content; on the other end the emphasis is on learning the processes of learning--learning how to learn.
Also, it will help professors learn how to help their students to become intentional, lifelong learners.
As described below, we feel that using students as trainers in animal shelters allows these students to learn the operant principles while performing them and directly observing their effects.
As recommended with other diverse populations, school counselors must attempt to learn about and understand the experiential worldviews of students with learning disabilities.
By leveraging workflow learning and Web Services, DAU learners will increasingly be unleashed from the classroom and even the desktop, as learning becomes available though a variety of on-the-job informal processes, such as mobile and handheld devices that account for 90 percent of how people really learn in the enterprise.
3) Readiness to learn: Adults become ready to learn things that they need to know or be able to do to fulfill their role in society.
Still another should address the details of students' cognitive and affective processes as they engage with the steps in information literacy and learn to use information to formulate increasingly mature and complex mental models.
Many clients have limited interests because they have had relatively little opportunity to learn about alternative activities.
CQI efforts would be better served if the entire group were given the opportunity to learn how to improve the quality of their experiential learning process - their reason for existence.
APPERSON: Grades K-5, a LEARN school in Sunland with 40 open seats.
When you think of what is involved in the "three R's"--reading, writing, and `rithmetic--it's astounding that most of us do learn them.