LEASATLeased Satellite
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at 88, 90 (Leasat had a design life beyond the time period of the Navy's needs and, thus, under Hughes' lease arrangement, Hughes retained the right to recover the satellite after the expiration of the Navy's lease and revert the balance of its useful life to commercial applications).
It is scheduled for shuttle mission 51-I, due to take off on Aug, 24 or later, a flight that will also deploy three other satellites including Leasat 3's successor, Leasat 4.
The problem with Leasat 3 was at first thought to be the failure of a timer, or "sequencer,' that was to have ignited the rocket 45 minutes after deployment.
Van Hoften will remove the handle he had previously installed, replacing it with a stronger one that will allow Leasat 3 to be held in position by the manipulator arm itself.
The final step will be to install an additional unit so that Leasat 3 can receive its commands from the ground.
So did the deployment of LEASAT 3, also known as Syncom IV-3, which was to be leased to the U.S.
It was after LEASAT's deployment that the trouble appeared.
Unlike the earlier satellites, LEASAT's rocket motor was built-in rather than separately purchased, but when the time came for a built-in timer to ignite the rocket, 45 minutes after deployment, nothing happened.