LEAVLower Exposure Action Value (average personal noise exposure)
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ITHURIEL and ZEPHON, with wingd speed Search through this Garden, leav unsearcht no nook, But chiefly where those two fair Creatures Lodge, Now laid perhaps asleep secure of harme.
The Birds thir quire apply; aires, vernal aires, Breathing the smell of field and grove, attune The trembling leaves, while Universal PAN Knit with the GRACES and the HOURS in dance Led on th' Eternal Spring.
This said unanimous, and other Rites Observing none, but adoration pure Which God likes best, into thir inmost bower Handed they went; and eas'd the putting off These troublesom disguises which wee wear, Strait side by side were laid, nor turnd I weene ADAM from his fair Spouse, nor EVE the Rites Mysterious of connubial Love refus'd: Whatever Hypocrites austerely talk Of puritie and place and innocence, Defaming as impure what God declares Pure, and commands to som, leaves free to all.
For the rest, the only thing to eat--though it didn't look eat- able in the least--I saw in their possession was a few lumps of some stuff like half-cooked dough, of a dirty lavender color, they kept wrapped in leaves, and now and then swallowed a piece of, but so small that it seemed done more for the looks of the thing than for any seri- ous purpose of sustenance.
Not one dared to claim that they really enjoy Leav's work, which is simple and direct, the prototype of this decade's instapoetry, bereft of complexity.
' - Lang Leav hearts" class="instagram-media" data-instgrm-captioned data-instgrm-permalink= Lang commented on Maine's post, "Such a brave, strong role model for all women.
A New Zealand citizen who spent the first years of her life in a refugee camp, Lang Leav is an international bestselling author with 1.8 million followers on Twitter.
Peter Leav remains CEO and a board member until the transaction is closed.
She said: "A" year ago I wouldn't leave "A" year ago I wouldn't leav the house at all.
in 2002 LEAV LEA E RIGHT NOW Will Young didn't appear on BBC WE reported that Pop Idol winner Will Young pulled out of Top of the Pops after a furious behindthescenes row.
"Marco's leadership and strong background in sales and business management will continue to drive Polycom's success and leadership in this critical region," said Peter Leav, President and Chief Executive Officer, Polycom.
The short poem was a quote from author and artist Lang Leav from her book titled "Love & Misadventure." "Exciting to see my poem become such a mystery with many wondering who the author is," Leav (http://langleav.com/tagged/Popular) said on her website.