LECCSLEON/ERC32 Cross Compilation System
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The relationship between the group leader and the participants is an important aspect of LECC programs.
Failure to employ counselors trained in LECC programs can result in a challenge program that provides fun for its clientele, but otherwise offers little or no therapeutic or educational value (Harris et al., 1993).
It describes the use of IP in a LECC setting with a group of 14 adolescents who were part of one classroom.
In addition, the LECC program helped the participants begin to take some responsibility for the other members.
The combination of Adlerian Counseling and a LECC program was successful in this case scenario as evidenced by the cooperation displayed by the group for the remainder of the program.
Adlerians focus on reeducating individuals within their social context, the LECC group, and thus reshaping society (Corey, 1991).
Adlerians focus on reeducating individuals within their social context--in this case the LECC group--and thus reshape society--in this case behavior in the classroom from which the students were originally referred (Sweeney, 1998).
LECC leaders attempt to win participants for cooperation as well, realizing that the successful completion of all activities is determined by the amount of cooperation demonstrated among the participants.
Another important commonality between IP and LECC is the issue of encouragement.