LEDCLatino Economic Development Corporation (Washington, DC)
LEDCLondon Economic Development Corporation
LEDCLogistics Executive Development Course
LEDCLess Economically Developed Country
LEDCLevelland Economic Development Corporation (Levelland, TX)
LEDCLumped Element Directional Coupler
LEDCLinear Error Detecting Code
LEDCLa Espada de Cain (Spanish: The Sword of Cain)
LEDCLower Economically Developed Country (political science)
LEDCLocal Economic Development Corporation
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LEDC will not own the site, but it will form a new corporation called LEDC LLC, and they will hire a third-party transit company to manage the site.
London's specific attraction approach was called speculative development, whereby the risks of upfront public investments in facilities would be managed by aggressive tenant recruitment and marketing by the LEDC through a single business service window detailing site availability, infrastructure access, and workforce skills (Perspective London 2008).
Last year, the LEDC disbanded, turning over its economic development duties to the newly created Greater Antelope Valley Economic Alliance.
With a $5,400 loan guaranteed by LEDC, and the trainer's and members' strong desire to succeed, they took the next step, searching for land to farm.
The city has stepped in a number of times in the past to help the LEDC.
Contribution Will Help LEDC Increase Flow of Much-Needed Capital to Low- to Moderate-Income DC Business Owners by 50 percent
Over the last 10 years, a number of LEDC graduates have competed for and been awarded the Army Command and General Staff College's (CGSC's) Major General James M.
Created two recessions ago to help lessen the Antelope Valley's reliance on the boom-and-bust aerospace industry, the LEDC will dissolve in July, turning its economic development efforts over to the newly formed Greater Antelope Valley Economic Alliance.
The new program will see CASA, together with LEDC and EDG as servicers, offering six-month microloans for $680 -- the cost of applying for citizenship.
During the past two years, LEDC has participated in the RCDG program to increase its level of assistance to both Hmong and Latino farmers.
A year ago CADSI was approached by LEDC, an organization that is taking a lead role in building business in the London area, a region which has an unemployment rate of 8.
Details of the $6,000 consultants report won't be released until after it can be reviewed by the two cities and the LEDC later this month.