LEDDLiposome-Encapsulated Dichloromethylene Diphosphonate (study)
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First, we can exclude that differences in disease severity and medication intake might have exerted an impact on motor learning induced by AOT, since no differences emerged between groups related to UPDRS III score, disease duration, and Levodopa equivalent dose (LEDD).
Numerical variables included UPDRS I score, UPDRS II score, UPDRS III score, H-Y Scale, and LEDD and CCI score.
(cd/ S/P Mesopic Adjusted IIIum, [m.sup.2]) Ratio Multiplier IIIum, (fc) (fc) Golden Existing 0.58 0.44 0.65 0.9264 0.54 Alder HPS LED A 0.53 0.40 1.58 1.1065 0.59 LED B 0.22 0.17 1.96 1.2601 0.28 Existing 0.57 0.43 0.65 0.9260 0.53 HPS Golden LED C 0.40 0.30 2.01 1.1923 0.48 Cedar LEDD 0.46 0.35 1.85 1.1581 0.53 Source: DOE GATEWAY analysis
The School of Logistics Science consisted of the Logistics Executive Development Department (LEDD), the Tactical Logistics Leader and Development Department (TLLDD), and the Materiel Management Department (MMD).
However, the quarto of that tragedy was set from a scribal transcript by Ralph Crane, (40) while the doubling up of consonants in such words as "fitt," "gett," "lett," "putt," "sett," "witt," and "writt" is alien to Webster texts but is, as Shapiro remarked, standard in the Rawlinson MS of Shirley's poems, which has not only several instances of the specific words "gett," "lett," and "sett," but also "shott" and "sitt," as well as "bedd," "begg," "bogg," "hidd," "ledd," "robb," and "sadd," which are words that are not used in the Melbourne MS.
Following the traditional schemes, he made a distinction between tropes and figures: "A Trope or turning is when a word is turned from his naturall signification, to some other, so conuenientlie, as that it seeme rather willinglie ledd, than driue by force or that other signification" (1588: ch.
Young Streisand Lauren Frost Piano player Alec Ledd Mother Randee Heller Ziegfeld voice Bert Kramer Bon Soir announcer Charles Valentino Dancer Mark Mendonca Background singers Trina Johnson, Jacquey Maltby, Alli Spotts Choir: the Loyola Marymount U.
Subs: F Cahill (0-1) for J Coffey; J Reilly for M Ledd; M O'Reilly for P McKenna
More revealing, from a policy perspective, is that company-initated interactions ledd by far to the greatest company payoffs.
"We have had two revenue streams added to out portfolio this year -- GWC Marine Services and LEDD Technologies.
Among those recently established were LEDD Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of GWC, offering technology services and solutions.