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LEDESLegal Electronic Data Exchange Standard (file format)
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Unlike tools used by law firms to create LEDES invoice files, the eBillingHub simplifies the electronic billing process by integrating a law firm's time and billing software with multiple electronic billing vendors, which are often specified by a firm's clients.
With hundreds of customers and services providers using it eBillingHub and its LEDES Toolkit, the eBillingHub is often considered a de facto standard for legal eBilling.
Unlike LEDES creation tools, the eBillingHub simplifies the ebilling process by integrating a law firm's time & billing software with the firm's clients and their e-billing vendors through a single web portal.
New website launched providing more information about the eBillingHub and education on law firm ebilling, while continuing to provide useful free resources such as the LEDES Toolkit, used by hundreds of firms and law firm service providers worldwide.
According to the LEDES Oversight Globalization Sub-Committee, the LEDES file formats are "intended to serve as a standard file format to be used in the legal industry for the electronic exchange of information.
Next Release of ADERANT Expert to Include Powerful New E-Billing Functionality and Full Support for LEDES XML E-Billing Version 2
Compliance with Recently Enacted LEDES Standards Gives Corporate Law Departments Greater Flexibility in Tracking and Reporting on Worldwide Legal Spend