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LEDESLegal Electronic Data Exchange Standard (file format)
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based customers to meet the legal and statutory requirements for countries where they retain counsel by establishing the necessary international data fields to comply with the LEDES 2.
With hundreds of customers and service providers using eBillingHub and its LEDES Toolkit[TM], the eBillingHub has established itself as the industry standard for electronic billing for law firms of all sizes.
In addition to fully supporting the LEDES Standard XML Version 2 e-billing standard, ADERANT Expert's robust e-billing rules engine helps law firms automatically comply with matter terms and reduces the number of post-submission issues and rejections.
Whitehill clients use Whitehill less than xml greater than Transport for a wide variety of e-commerce applications including convergent bill presentment, financial reporting and standards conformance (such as LEDES 2000).
Timesolv supports Internet electronic bill presentment and payment (IBPP); emailed notices with invoices formatted as plain text or as HTML; along with the industry-standard LEDES (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard) format for law firms and their corporate clients.