LEECLicenciatura em Engenharia Electrotécnica e de Computadores
LEECLondon Environmental Economics Centre (est. 1998; UK)
LEECLaser-to-Electric Energy Conversion
LEECLeft-Edge Cell
LEECLaboratory & Electrical Engineering Company
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Moschisb, and Euehun Leec, "Better-educated consumers are more likely to plan to move to a retirement community sometime in the future, perhaps reflecting a better awareness and understanding of the housing options available.
(8.) Kima, K-S, Yoonb, S-Y, Leec, W-J, Kimb, KH, "Surface Morphologies and Electrical Properties of Antimony-Doped Tin Oxide Films Deposited by Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition." Surf.
In one of Dinka Bor saying; 'ran aye leec ke piir' -- literally meaning 'congratulates the person while still alive' I take this opportunity to thanks Juma Nunu for work well done.
Ex.: lavitra- > letra > leec 'sickle', tapta- > tatta > taato 'hot'.
Another repeat offender, Nottingham-based LEEC (Developments) Ltd, was fined pounds 7,500 for burning waste illegally.
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The first condition was achieved by conducting the absorption test in a humidity cabinet LEEC Model SFC 3C.
Some of the key companies operating in the mortuary equipment market are: LEEC, Mortech Manufacturing Company Inc, Kugel Medical GmbH & Co., Mopec, SM Scientific Instruments Pvt.
With the exception of strains 2SSA4 and 2SSA6, all bacteria were then incubated statically at 37[degrees]C for 18 h (Mark II proportional temperature controller; LEEC Ltd., Nottingham, UK).
Other firms fined included Nottingham-based LEEC Ltd and LEEC Developments Ltd, which were hit with a total of pounds 44,000 bill for illegally dumping asbestos.
Environmental Management and Development in the South: Prerequisites for Sustainable Development, LEEC Discussion Paper No.