LEEPSLearning and Experimental Economics Projects of Santa Cruz (University of California, Santa Cruz)
LEEPSLow Energy Electron Point Source
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The men decided to live on their stored seed-corn until the rains had fallen, and then to take work as servants till they could catch up with the lost year; but as the grain-dealer was thinking of his well-filled crates of corn, and the prices he would levy at the sale of it, Hathi's sharp tusks were picking out the corner of his mud-house, and smashing open the big wicker chest, leeped with cow-dung, where the precious stuff lay.
After a heavy lunch, it was good to be able to relax; when we arrived at Bukit Semanggol, it was 'unanimously' agreed between Leeps and myself that Sim should continue to drive the fourth and last section of the route to Penang - it was really nice at the second row, and I think that this is one of the reasons why this MPV is the top seller in Japan and here.
Comment: A fear of LEEP and its effects on delivery is a common reason that my patients have given for their choices.
In most LEEP specimens, foci of residual HSIL or invasive carcinoma are present, confirming the original biopsy diagnosis.
The surgical pathology records at the University of Utah were searched for all patients with LEEP specimens obtained between July 1, 2003, and August 31, 2010.
(1-9) High-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion is known to recur after LEEP procedures, with margin status being the most important predictor of subsequent occurrence of HSIL.
The clinical implications of a negative LEEP finding following a biopsy diagnosis of HSIL have been rarely investigated.
Our findings indicate that a negative LEEP result following a positive initial cervical biopsy result should not be ascribed to a misdiagnosis of the original specimen.
A randomized prospective study comparing three techniques of conization: cold knife, laser, and LEEP. Gynecol Oncol.