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LEERLaw Enforcement Employee Relations (Wisconsin)
LEERLower Extremity Equipment-Related
LEERLow-Energy Electron Reflections
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'Yes, funny, are they not?' replied the little old man, with a diabolical leer; and then, without pausing for an answer, he continued--
Am I not right about them?' And the old man rubbed his hands, and leered as if in delight at having found another point of view in which to place his favourite subject.
The old man looked round the table, and leered more horribly than ever, as if in triumph, at the attention which was depicted in every face.
His hysterical laughter was slowly changing into cries of rage while the silly leer upon his face was supplanted by a ferocious scowl and up-curled lips, which revealed the sharpened fangs beneath.
He even seemed half afraid that she might have read his thoughts; for he leered coaxingly upon her, as he said aloud:
As I walked away, I met an aged rustic, who leered at me cunningly.
Ah, you gentlemen from the Hall--you'n a pretty lot!" And he leered more jocosely than ever.
He shook his head waggishly, leered at Hugh again, and laughed very much, as if he had said a noble thing, and rather thought he was coming out.
While in the US Mr Leer, who studies at the University of Bradford, researched policy, drafted legislation, attended hearings, briefings and press conferences, and gave constituents tours of Capitol Hill He was also given the opportunity to address delegates, including members of congress such as Patrick Kennedy, at a Congressional Forum on Capitol Hill Speaking on the future of Northern Ireland, Mr Leer commented: "The future holds the promise of an era of peace, prosperity and partnership, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the best is yet to come".