LEEVLandschapsfonds Eem En Vallei (The Netherlands)
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Then I'll gang to Lunon, for 1 hev twea ane Breeders thare, yan an Ostler, tudder wed varra grand, keeps a varra girt Shop, sells oa maks a Gardin Stuff, Cabage, Turmits, Carrats, and leevs terrable weel, for Joany Garth saa him and Wife, she hed mony Gowd Rings an sum Dimont yans on her Hands; naw if I cud git thither I sud be meaad at yance.
Senior researcher of the institute Leev Kuum noted that growth is likely to range from 0 to 4 percent this year and that the institute's projections do not differ significantly from those of the Ministry of Finance.
Leev Kuum, the leading scientist at the Estonian Institute of Economic Research, sees 1-3 percent economic growth for the next year.
9 with a reception and performance featuring contemporary flamenco artist Rocio Molina; that's followed by performances by Tere O'Connor Dance, Stephen Prutsman and the Aeolus Quartet, Leev Theater Group (presenting Hamlet, Prince of Grief).
According to production manager Mohammad Aghebati, Leev Theater Group--a decade-old company comprised mostly of artists born around the time of the 1979 Revolution--chose the play to keep its spirits up following the post-election events.