LEFELinear Electric Field Effect
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LefE vre is with the French National Center of Scientific Research and University of Aix-Marseille II.
In a recent issue of the journal Science, Bazylinski, LefE vre and others report that they identified, isolated and grew a new type of magnetic bacteria that could lead to novel biotech and nanotech uses.
"pe saule of is synfulle wy3t Is wonnen in-to heuon bright, To Jhesu lefe and dere "Asoyle pe body with alle pi myght And bery hit in a graue!
When Martha tells Mary Magdalene that Jesus has come, her words suggest that her sister's mourning is a form of bondage: 'Sister, lefe this sorowful bande' (63); in John's account, Martha simply says, 'The Teacher is here and is calling for you' (11:28).
Un monde oE les entitE[umlaut]s culturelles multiples composeraient la mosaE[macron]que des peuples, un monde qui ferait l'E[umlaut]loge du droit Ea la diffE[umlaut]rence, un monde fier de ses origines multi- ethniquesC* Voici le rE[logical not]ve d'Alain LefE vre, pianiste canadien et artiste humaniste qui croit profondE[umlaut]ment au potentiel humain pour changer le monde d'aujourd'hui.
The SAFIRE Falcon contribution to NAWDEX received direct funding from L'Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace (IPSL), Meteo-France, Institut National des Sciences de l'Univers (INSU) via the LEFE program, EUFAR Norwegian Mesoscale Ensemble and Atmospheric River Experiment (NEAREX), and ESA (EPATAN, Contract 4000119015/16/NL/CT/gp).
"I appeal today to the sense of humanity of the abductors of Gauthier LefE vre and Laurent Maurice.
The authors would like to acknowledge the importance of the MISTRALS/Ch ArMEx and MISTRALS/HyMeX programs as well as the support of LEFE and TOSCA and the funding by ANR under Contract IODA-MED ANR-11-BS56-0005.