LEFMLinear Elastic Fracture Mechanics
LEFMLocal Economy Forecasting Model (forecasting software; UK)
LEFMLeading Edge Flow Meter
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El primer acercamiento del FEM a la LEFM fue la aplicacion directa (con refinamiento de malla) del analisis sobre un elemento agrietado.
The probabilistic LEFM model applied on fatigue loaded structures typical of civil enegineering showed that modeling the uncertainity factors is the key during the assessment of the failure probability, which is quite independent of the particular failure criterion.
Larger notch lengths result in higher stress concentrations, which led to substantial plastic zones that extend beyond local yielding; this also restricts the applicability of LEFM.
Because LEFM is a specialized case of general fracture mechanics, [K.
In this study, a simple and efficient fatigue life prediction algorithm based on the LEFM is proposed.
El modelo es independiente del material ya que no utiliza LEFM sino el metodo de la integral J.
6)] Despite the difference in test rates, the times to fracture in both LEFM and J-Integral tests were in the range of 10 to 100 ms.
In the latter case Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics (LEFM) can be applied but for materials with larger plastic zones LEFM cannot be applied and in this case the J integral formalism, based on the value of the Rice-Cherepanov line integral around the crack tip, should be used, leading to a critical J integral value [J.
4-million order was issued to Cameron for the company's 20-inch Caldon LEFM 280Ci Ultrasonic Meters, for use at each pumping station along the the entire route.
This model is simple LEFM to predict the fracture toughness of both crossed ply and multiaxial ones, but it is mainly based on characteristic length which has no physical meaning (11).
4 million order from Keystone Pipeline Partnerships, a subsidiary of TransCanada and ConocoPhillips, to provide 20-inch Caldon LEFM 280Ci ultrasonic meters to the Keystone Pipeline project.
Cameron's Measurement Systems is providing 20-inch Caldon LEFM 280Ci ultrasonic meters to the Keystone Pipeline Project.