LEFSLocal Enterprise Finance Scheme (Singapore)
LEFSLower Extremity Functional Scale (rehabilitation research)
LEFSLow Energy Foil Spectrometer
LEFSLower Eyelid Fascial Sling
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"Why taint noffin but a skull - somebody bin lef him head up de tree, and de crows done gobble ebery bit ob de meat off."
"Yes, I nose dat - nose all bout dat - tis my lef hand what I chops de wood wid."
"Is de lef eye of de skull pon de same side as de lef hand of de skull, too?
aint dis here my lef eye for sartain?" roared the terrified Jupiter, placing his hand upon his right organ of vision, and holding it there with a desperate pertinacity, as if in immediate dread of his master's attempt at a gouge.
"Twas dis eye, massa - de lef eye - jis as you tell me," and here it was his right eye that the negro indicated.
"Prince Lef Nicolaievitch Muishkin," replied the latter, with perfect readiness.
"Accept, accept, Prince Lef Nicolaievitch" said Lebedef solemnly; "don't let it slip!
I was in a great battle with them Asiatics, and I got lef' on a little island between the Falls."
They lef' Boston Harbour for the great Grand Bank wid a roarin' nor'wester behind 'em an' all hands full to the bung.
The Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS) is a patient-reported outcome questionnaire containing 20 questions about a person's ability to perform everyday tasks.
Spearman correlation analysis was carried out to determine the correlations between LEFS score, endurance test, and muscle and grip strength of patients participating in the study.
So next time, lefs hope he persuades Hollywood the beauty of Wales should be the backdrop to the next film.