LEGADLegal Advisors (NATO)
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The lead LEGAD duties include: scenario development, which includes "preparing United Nations Security Council Resolutions, Status of Forces Agreements, and other documents .
Bi-Strategic Command Directive 75-3 mandates the following time lines and should involve LEGAD support to develop requirements:
Each headquarters will have a different relationship with a receiving state; therefore, a critical role of the LEGAD is to interpret the application of these treaties and agreements to minimize friction points.
In the case of practice at the Joint Warfare Centre, a LEGAD would apply the Supplementary Agreement and MOA between NATO and Norway to provide a basis for the interpretation of the Centre's relationship with Norway.
179) This discretion is mitigated by local SOP: for example, the Joint Warfare Centre makes the LEGAD a member of the Command Requirements Board ensuring legal oversight at the initiation phase of procurement.
193) The NATO LEGAD must, therefore, have working knowledge of NATO civilian personnel rules and international agreements governing their status wherever they are utilized.
NATO Rule of Law Field Support Mission did not have an organic LEGAD; therefore, NATO legal advice came from the ISAF LEGAD (a U.
judge advocate may encounter while serving as a NATO LEGAD.
judge advocate serves as senior LEGAD to Allied Joint Force Command Naples (one of two of NATO's operational level commands; the equivalent of a combatant command) and supervises an international staff, including NATO International Civilians and non-U.
c (identifying eight LEGAD duties for ISAF exercises and training events).
European Command, Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany, he served as Acting Chief LEGAD, NATO Allied Joint Force Command Naples, February through June 2004.
99) Supervisory LEGADs should specify training and education requirements in office JDs to not only ensure deployment of qualified personnel, but also to maximize training opportunities while in the post.