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LEGCOLegislative Council (Hong Kong)
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Meanwhile, belated changes by the British in the makeup of Hong Kong's Legislative Council (Legco) were initially undone, but subsequent changes in the Legco selection process have brought things back nearly full circle to where they stood prior to the Handover.
The Government hopes that the Employment Agency Bill can be passed by the LegCo as soon as possible in order to enhance the protection for job-seekers (including the over 370 000 foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong).
In the 2004 election, the Liberal Party retained its role as a crucial swing bloc in the Legco.
As for the meeting with the Southern DC, LegCo Members discussed and exchanged views with DC members on a number of issues, including the cityscape of Southern District (covering street cleanliness and hygiene in the district); planning projects in the district and associated traffic issues; tourist facilities and complementary transport facilities; district facilities; and the scope of the funding under District Minor Works Projects and related matters.
1) In short, electoral system designers had a wide variety of options for the LegCo, even within the family of PR systems.
The votes of one-third of legco members are sufficient to push through a veto.
The 27 Legco members generally considered pro-democracy have all reportedly pledged to oppose any plan based on the NPCSC's decision.
Outside the LegCo, the indefatigable Captain Hashim took to giving public lectures to raise awareness of the importance of a university for Malaya.
In December 2005 the LegCo rejected a Hong Kong Government-proposed package of incremental reforms to the mechanisms for choosing the CE in 2007 and forming the LegCo in 2008.
If Legco voted for the proposal, we can move forward one big step.
Hong Kong Anglicans had joined Catholics to Oppose Education Bill 2002, approved by LegCo in early July.
The Tung administration in turn floated the idea that legislation pursuant to Article 23 should be passed by the LegCo and enacted by the summer of 2003.