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LEGCOLegislative Council (Hong Kong)
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In that year, Legco and the Hong Kong public in general were engaged in a spirited debate over the possibility and desirability of the adoption of universal suffrage for the election of the Chief Executive in 2012.
Until the transitional period following the signing of the Sino-British Joint Declaration in 1984, the system worked well because all nonofficial Exco and Legco members were appointed by the governor on the advice of his senior officials and because officials formed the majority in the two councils.
Before the 1995 elections, most seats in Legco were filled by appointees of the British governor or by so-called functional constituencies that were simply clubs of the power elite: bankers, industrialists, stockbrokers and the like.
The inevitable result of this law is that the supposedly democratic and representative LegCo is stuffed full of pro-Beijing legislators and primed to pass whatever laws the CCP ask of them.
Initially, the pan-democratic Legco members announced they would
direct election of the Chief Executive and Legco by universal suffrage
Executive Tsang is expected to introduce draft legislation to Legco
"This involves the Secretary for Security as the responsible government official to announce in LegCo that the bill will be withdrawn.
Examples of posts provided by Twitterincluded a tweet from a user with photos of protesters storming Hong Kong's Legislative Council building, which asked: "Are these people who smashed the Legco crazy or taking benefits from the bad guys?
Some radicals in Hong Kong have run amok, who flagrantly stormed and vandalized the Legislative Council (LegCo) building, assaulted and even brutally bit off a finger of a police officer, stormed an institution of the central government in Hong Kong, and defaced the national emblem.