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LEGELearning Grid of Excellence
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In conclusion, TA supplementation in LEGE at 20.0, 40.0 and 60.0 mM was unable to produce significant effect on spermatozoa characteristics such as viability, acrosomal integrity, plasma membrane integrity and lipid peroxidation compared to control group.
Dana stresses that the lex certa requirement of nulla poena sine lege protects the individual's interest in legal certainty.
Acest articol, desi a fost eliminat in cele din urma din textul final, prezinta totusi importanta prin prisma faptului ca el statueaza ca judecatorul este un ministru de echitate atunci cand nu exista o lege precisa.
(14) The fact that nulla poena sine lege has outgrown its "negative" justice dimension (15) and developed a "positive" justice attribute (16) is evidenced by movements in various countries to reform sentencing laws, which began in the 1970s and built momentum over the last two decades.
quantum ad Dei iudicium, princeps non esta lege solutus.
Lundin Petroleum holds a 50% partnership interest in the Lege licence, which is operated by Esso REP.
General Sexual Experiences Survey Question Women Men N=81 N=65 Since you have been a student at Marietta Col- lege, have you been in a situation where you became so sexually aroused that you could not stop yourself 1.2% 3.1% even though your partner wanted you to stop?
Leave it to the legislature, or the "lege," as Molly Ivins calls it in Texas.
Pompeii or Pro Lege Manilia, an important speech because it marked CiceroAEs transformation into a politician and helped to lead Rome into the Third Mithridatic War.
Davidson County Community Col lege (N.C.) received a donation of air conditioning and heating equipment from Piedmont Sheet Metal Company Inc.
"Editing Empire has genuinely been both an honour and a privi- lege," said Dinning.