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LEGGOLeggiero (music; easily, lightly)
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In her discussion of the affective responses of Morrissey and Leggo, Delisle provides a long overdue reappraisal of the value of the nostalgic and sentimental tradition of Newfoundland literature, a tradition that has been much maligned by a succession of Newfoundland scholars since Patrick O'Flaherty's pivotal study, The Rock Observed (1979).
Leggo!; studies presented to Frederick Mario Fales on the occasion of his 65th birthday.
As with all of the first producers of commercial photomechanical prints in the United States (such as Ernest Edwards, Frederick Gutekunst, Stephen Horgan, William Leggo, Frederic Ives, and the photographic experimenter R.
This is a challenge that is well documented in teacher education research (Feiman-Nemser & Buchmann, 1986; Leggo, 1997; MacGillivray, 2002; Wideen, Mayer-Smith & Moon, 1998).
Oliffe, RN, MEd, PhD, [3] Carl Leggo, PhD, [4] Mo Korchinski, [5] Ruth Elwood Martin, MD, FCFP, MPH [6]
When he's ready, he prods his engineer with a "Leggo." The engineer hits record and he lays down a few bars.
Sono allibito ogni volta che leggo o sento parlare della vita dei ricchi, della vita di quelli che hanno le grandi ville, le grandi barche, le auto di lusso, che hanno appartamenti in tante citta.
Field work and bat call analyses were provided through consulting services of AMEC, AXYS, Golder Associates, Jacques Whitford-AXYS, Komex, Ursus, and Worley Parsons by A Stewart, B Simons, C De La Mare, C Lausen, D Player, D Collister, L Hunt, J Bauman, J Goldrup, K Makos, K Patriquin, K Sare, L Doyle, L Bridges, M Firman, P Sargent, P Bentham, P Balagus, S Leggo, V Amiot, W Fleming, and others.
The owner of "Lego," for instance, would not be notified of an application for "legos," "leggo" or "legotoys." And the protections apply for only the initial stages of a new TLD.
dis is di age of reality but some a wi a deal wid mitalagy dis is di age of science an' teknalagy but some a wi a check fi antiquity w'en wi can't face reality wi leggo wi clarity some latch aan to vanity some hol' insanity some get vision start preach religion but dem can't mek decishan w'en it come to wi fite dem can't mek decishan w'en it comes to wi rites.
For instance, Lord Dufferin's biographer, Canadian historian William Leggo, introduced his account of Lord Dufferin's tenure in Canada with a brief history of responsible government, "which has since the reign of George III been slowly evolving itself in Great Britain." He concluded in 1878 that "these opinions [against Dufferin's decision] are utterly subversive of Constitutional Government, and if acted upon would degrade the rule of a country to a 'personal' one, and render the Executive ...