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LEGIONLocally Excitatory Globally Inhibitory Oscillator Network
LEGIONLicensed Extra-Governmental Interstellar Operatives Network (comics)
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In the uniform of the Preobrazhensk regiment- white chamois-leather breeches and high boots- and wearing a star Rostov did not know (it was that of the Legion d'honneur), the monarch came out into the porch, putting on his gloves and carrying his hat under his arm.
In the meanwhile" (the king here detached the cross of the Legion of Honor which he usually wore over his blue coat, near the cross of St.
In a blue frock-coat, buttoned up close, decorated with the Legion of Honor.
thy hope was to have reacht The highth of thy aspiring unoppos'd, The Throne of God unguarded, and his side Abandond at the terror of thy Power Or potent tongue; fool, not to think how vain Against th' Omnipotent to rise in Arms; Who out of smallest things could without end Have rais'd incessant Armies to defeat Thy folly; or with solitarie hand Reaching beyond all limit, at one blow Unaided could have finisht thee, and whelmd Thy Legions under darkness; but thou seest All are not of thy Train; there be who Faith Prefer, and Pietie to God, though then To thee not visible, when I alone Seemd in thy World erroneous to dissent From all: my Sect thou seest, now learn too late How few somtimes may know, when thousands err.
He seemed to hear again around him the legions of whirring wings to which he had been so lately accustomed.
It was composed of numberless legions of that species of grasshopper called crickets.
Figures issued by the Legion showed that the deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan were impacting on its caseload.
For nearly a century, Maine members of the American Legion have been committed to ensuring veterans and their families have access to the care and support they have earned and deserve, said Senator Collins.
We are always looking for new members for the American Legion," said Bartnicki.
html) synopsis for Season 3, episode 10 of the CW series, Mon-El (Chris Wood) enlists the help of his fellow Legion member Brainiac-5 (Jesse Rath) to try to bring back Kara (Melissa Benoist) who remains in a dreamlike state following her brutal fight against Reign (Odette Annable).
However, I am pleased to see another Legion Supply initiative.
Noah Hawley's drama series Legion will premiere on Fox available exclusive on beIN on Thursday, 9th February 2017.