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LEGSLivestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards (est. 2006)
LEGSLaser Electron Gamma-Ray Source
LEGSLake Elsinore Genealogical Society (California)
LEGSLethality End Game Simulation
LEGSLighter Electronics Guidance System
LEGSLocally Engaging Global Solutions (sustainability conference)
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This the finest air drinking, With nostrils out-swelled like goblets, Lacking future, lacking remembrances Thus do I sit here, ye Friendly damsels dearly loved, And look at the palm-tree there, How it, to a dance-girl, like, Doth bow and bend and on its haunches bob, --One doth it too, when one view'th it long!-- To a dance-girl like, who as it seem'th to me, Too long, and dangerously persistent, Always, always, just on SINGLE leg hath stood?
Dorothy looked at him in amazement, and so did the Scarecrow, while Toto barked sharply and made a snap at the tin legs, which hurt his teeth.
This he did in a series of hops, and he moved so swiftly in this strange manner that those with two legs had to run to keep up with him.
"Nothing good, as you will see; for having set out, complaining still of weakness of the legs, he met a wild boar, which made head against him; he missed him with his arquebuse, and was ripped up by the beast and died immediately."
The Saw-Horse paid no attention whatever to this command, and the next instant brought one of his wooden legs down upon Tip's foot so forcibly that the boy danced away in pain to a safer distance, from where he again yelled:
And Three-Legs, so named because his legs had been smashed when a boy and who walked with a stick--Three-Legs got the seed of the wild corn and planted it in the ground in the valley near his house.
He did it on a gallop, breaking the gallop off short by fore legs stiffly planted.
The bones of her legs below the knees looked no thicker than a finger from in front, but were extraordinarily thick seen from the side.
Being so trained, he walked on his four legs superior to them, two-legged though they were; for he had moved and lived always under the aegis of the great two-legged and be-trousered god, Mister Haggin.
I arched my poor thin neck, raised my tail a little, and threw out my legs as well as I could, for they were very stiff.
Captain Ahab kicked ye, didn't he?" "Yes, he did," says I --"right here it was." "Very good," says he --"he used his ivory leg, didn't he?" "Yes, he did," says I.
But in those items the ancient was intact, although one leg ceased midway between knee and thigh.