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LEHLouisiana Endowment for the Humanities
LEHLebensmitteleinzelhandel (German: Food Retailing)
LEHLady Eleanor Holles (Middlesex, UK)
LEHLanderziehungsheim (German/Swiss boarding school)
LEHLaunch/Entry Helmet (US NASA)
LEHLeeds East Homes (UK)
LEHLaser Entrance Hole
LEHLight Enforcement Helicopter
LEHLe Havre, France - Le Havre (Airport Code)
LEHLower Erebus Hut (science camp)
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According to plan in the first step disposal of garbage in Leh would be stopped and huge containers would be placed in the catchment area of the nullah.
He said sewage from Leh Nullah was not a threat rather the open dumping of solid waste can be a breeding ground of dengue larvae.
The journey to Leh may not exactly be the road less travelled, as by now it has become a popular destination, but the sheer beauty and versitatily of the landscape is bound to leave the traveller speechless.
Mean pH value of partially treated sewage of Islamabad entering Leh Nullah at New Katarian was 7.
The CDRN team contacted several national level companies to provide support for the Leh operations.
The Prime Minister met people affected by the disaster at Leh and listened to their grievances.
WASA has deputed a few officials for dredging of Leh with the help of basic level machines and these officials seldom show up at the site due to lack of proper check and balance.
Though it's sunny nearly every day, winter here is brutally cold; snow closes the road to Leh November through May, and air travel becomes very chancy.
RAWALPINDI -- Leh Management Plan has been devised to save a large population residing along the banks of Nullah Leh, said Deputy District Health Officer Health Dr Amir Sheikh here Tuesday.
The statement came after the Delhi- Leh-Jammu flight landed back to Leh earlier in the day after a technical glitch was detected in its engine as soon as it took off from here.
RAWALPINDI -- The Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) will complete the construction of retaining wall along Leh Nullah near Pirwadhai Graveyard by April.