LEHTLittle Egg Harbor Township (New Jersey)
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(29) Attention to the history textbooks was explained by the necessity to liquidate deficiencies caused by insufficent information exchange and tendentious teaching of history in high schools, universities, seminars and teachers' institutes at the tsarist era (Opetajate Leht May 26 1933).
Several authors have tried to provide a natural system to divide the genus Vicia into subgenera, sections and subsections (HANELT; METTIN, 1989; KUPICHA, 1976; LEHT, 2009).
The most abundant species in our study had some trait similarities: they disperse mainly by wind, to a lesser extent vegetatively, and have similar demands to some environmental conditions, such as openness to light, (moderately) acidic soil, but are rather indifferent to the moisture content or prefer moderate to wet habitats (Ellenberg et al., 1992; Ingerpuu et al., 1998; Leht, 2010).
The textbooks published later, under the Soviet occupation (Leht 1957; Leht, Ojamaa 1965), didn't abandon this play either, although there was an obvious intention to shift the attention from The Miser to the great verse comedies, such as Tartuffe, Don Juan and The Misanthrope, which had also been translated by that time.
Screenplay, Kaer, Tonis Leht, Lauri Lippmaa, Erik Moora.
Among dubious Indo-European loans 3 may be later loans, they may be IndoIranian (ori 'slave'), Germanic (roht 'horizontal') or Baltic loans (leht 'leaf').
[31.] Krall, H., Kukk, T., Kull, T., Kuusk, V., Leht, M., Oja, T., Reier, U., Sepp, S., Zingel, H., Tuulik, T.
Olesk, Sirje (2003) "Head onne, mu kallid, head onne!" [Good luck, my dear ones, good luck!] Opetajate Leht (Tallinn)24.12.
Although people usually know about the existence of the spring blooms (or even use them), the most used part of the plant is its leaves, and from them the plant got its most common Estonian name paiseleht from paisu- 'expand' and leht 'leaf', i.e.