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LEIDLifelong Education and International Development (UK)
LEIDLaw Enforcement Intelligent Devices (Auburn Hills, MI)
LEIDLithuanian Export-Import Directory
LEIDLearning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development Centre (Australia)
LEIDLogical Endpoint Identifier (IBM)
LEIDLimit-of-Error Inventory Difference
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The American Dream series is a response to Oakwood Chairman and Chief Executive Pat Hamill's commitment to education, Leid says.
(33) Marban, C., Redel, L., Suzanne, S., Van Lint, C., Lecestre, D., Chasserot-Golaz, S., Leid, M., Aunis, D., Schaeffer, E.
Borghouts does provide a table of all documents he cites with his abbreviation scheme, but that table excludes two references found in notes: Leid./Ra and Tur./Iufankh.
Sports director Kenny Rogers did an interview on the "Veterans Reporter Radio Show"; Day in a Wheelchair Challenge; handouts at Leid Animal Shelter, informing the public about service animals.
The four texts, 'Erstes Leid', 'Eine kleine Frau', 'Ein Hungerkunstler', and 'Josephine, die Sangerin oder Das Volk der Mause', themselves occupy only a fraction of the volume, the rest of which is given over to Rosch's extensive consideration of their significance in Kafka's ceuvre.
Expertly compiled by Lucy Leid, "Countryside Cooking & Chatting" is a handy spiral bound treasury of mouth-watering traditional recipes and reflective wisdom drawn from the culinary traditions of Amish and Mennonite communities.
Cronin, Jacksonville Patricia Ann Leid, Miami Christopher S.
'Es tut mir leid.' When Bill looked back Josef had his hand on Libby's shoulder and seemed to be saying goodbye.
Riverdance (M) Leid Center ($55; 2,250; $804,808) (2/23/05-2/27/05).
mit 'leid/ma 'finden' > 'leid-u/ma 'sich finden' > 'leidu > 'leid 'der Fund'.