LEIRLow Energy Ion Ring
LEIRLake Erie Institute of Rehabilitation (brain injury treatment; Erie, PA)
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Mr Leir described the ruling as a "hugely disappointing result" for him and the 130,000 other party members now excluded from voting.
Tarlinskaja examines in depth the Kyd canon and Brian Vickers's proposals for enlarging it by adding the old King Leir, Fair Em the Miller's Daughter, Arden of Faversham, much of 1 Henry VI, and the non-Shakespearean portions of Edward III.
Leir Chair for Global Migration at Tufts University.
The notably few anonymous plays published in these series include: Thomas of Woodstock, the only unattributed play out of twenty-four published in the Revels Plays series since 1995; (29) Captain Thomas Stukeley and The Tragedy of Cicero, out of the twenty plays anthologized in the Revels Plays Companions Library series; (30) Arden of Faversham, alone amongst the twenty-seven plays published in the New Mermaids; (31) King Leir and The Merry Devil of Edmonton out of the Globe Quartos' sixteen plays; (32) and, the late medieval moralities, Everyman and Mankind, out of the ten plays published in the Arden Early Modern Drama series to date.
This redemptive pattern fits the Edgar and Gloucester story so perfectly that it is clear that the purpose of the addition of this subplot to the original King Leir source was to reinforce and highlight the Kent-Lear and Lear-Cordelia redemptive patterns.
Leir Chair in the Foreign Languages and Cultures Department at Clark University.
Scholars have usually identified these plays with those of the same name by Shakespeare, printed in 1609 and 1608, respectively (although the 'Lere' could have been the earlier, anonymous King Leir, printed in 1605).
The new year can provide a change of fortune for Kevin O'Donnell's mare Dubh Go Leir, placed in seven of her eight starts in 2012.
Brown sees in Shakespeare's spelling of the King's name ("Leir" or "Leyr" in most sources) an anagram of Real, and finds the whole play to explore the nature of perception and reality, in accordance with Thomistic epistemology.