LEIRLow Energy Ion Ring
LEIRLake Erie Institute of Rehabilitation (brain injury treatment; Erie, PA)
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Mr Leir described the ruling as a "hugely disappointing result" for him and the 130,000 other party members now excluded from voting.
Having her second start, she beat Dubh Go Leir by six lengths.
Scholars have usually identified these plays with those of the same name by Shakespeare, printed in 1609 and 1608, respectively (although the 'Lere' could have been the earlier, anonymous King Leir, printed in 1605).
The new year can provide a change of fortune for Kevin O'Donnell's mare Dubh Go Leir, placed in seven of her eight starts in 2012.
At a Walmart annual meeting at the Excelsior Hotel in downtown Little Rock, the first to include our new Sam's division, I delivered my LEIR presentation to the entire company.
Lear, the only Shakespeare tragedy to be printed between Hamlet and the early efforts to collect Shakespeare's plays in 1619, seems to aim at the audience for the old King Leir (ca.
Do ghoill buairt na neithe sin go leir ar an mathair bhoicht agus
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At the same time he undertook a major series of Ladino classic texts being published as the Henry Leir Library of Sephardica.
According to agreeable tradition, the city was founded by a mythical king of the Britons called Leir.
However, Shakespeare's source play, the anonymously authored True Chronicle Historie of King Leir (c.