LEISSLow-Energy Ion-Scattering Spectroscopy
LEISSLaw Enforcement Investigative Support System (Delaware)
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With close reference to interpretation of meaning in printed advertisements, Leiss et al (1990: 201-202) argue:
In addition to heavier vehicles, higher-priced luxury cars offer the most protection to the passengers riding inside them, according to Pete Leiss, head of the crash practice at Lancaster, Pa.-based Robson Forensic.
Since the mid-1980s, there has been a shift in crisis communication from a role emphasizing persuasiveness of message to one representing an awareness of public distrust and a need to convey what is often complex information from a position of credibility (Leiss, 1996).
Best man was Michael Anthony Leiss of Chesterton, Indiana.
Cross-sectional findings suggest that one of TPB's constructs, perceived behavioral control, was a particularly strong predictor of recycling behavior (Chase et al., 2009; Chu & Chui, 2003; Kelly, Mason, Leiss, & Ganesh, 2006; Largo-Wight et al., 2012; Terry, Hogg, & White, 1999; Valle et al., 2005).