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LEITLisa Education Initiative Taskforce
LEITLow External Input Technology (agriculture sustainability)
LEITLight Energized Irrigation Technology (ambient powered irrigation system)
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* coordinate differences obtained for the station with the LEIAR25.R3 LEIT antenna (BORJ, LEJI, WARN) are very similar for all stations and all processing variants and are approx.
These findings lend further support to the idea that body concerns are becoming more important for men (Grieve, 2007; Grieve et al., 2006; Leit, Pope, & Gray, 2000; Pope, Phillips, & Olivardia, 2000).
Some suggest that the increasingly unattainable body proportions presented to men account for the fact that adult males' body ideals have also grown increasingly muscular in recent years (Leit, Pope, & Gray, 2001).
Those exposed to the muscular images showed a significantly greater discrepancy between the body they ideally want to have and their current body size (Leit, Gray and Pope 2002).
Google does not seem to index as many Icelandic web sites as the Icelandic search engine Leit.is does.
El hambre llega a ser un leit motiva lo largo de la novela; es vista como un mal fisico, intelectual y moral que persigue al narrador-protagonista mientras deambula por la ciudad.
The band formed in the early '90s, and its first EP, 1998's Von, spawned a number 1 hit, "Leit Af Lifi," at home.
Dr Richard Leit, who led the research said: "We know there has been a significant rise in steroid use among young men and teenage boys."
En el fondo podemos decir que el leit motiv de los articulos incluidos en esta seccion central es la diversion popular y el poder.
I'D imagine the words Agaetis Byrjun, Von Brigi and Leit Af Lifi will make as much sense to you as Spurs' summer transfer dealings - unless you're Icelandic that is.
Confiamos en que esto sea solo una broma pesada y que los responsables de la editorial no dudaran un momento en salirse del proyecto habanero si no esta garantizada la libre venta de todos sus autores, empezando por el genial prosista cubano que ha hecho de su condicion de exiliado y de la anoranza por la ciudad perdida el leit motiv de su brillantisima obra.
What's the buzz?" was the recurrent leit motif that was left unanswered and seems to have characterized the recently concluded 15th annual MIPCOM in Cannes, France.