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In January, the same month El Salvador implemented the LEIV, 70 women and girls were killed, four more than in January 2011.
The daily found that, as of May 17, only 16 of the more than 60 aggravated femicide cases being processed under the LEIV resulted in guilty verdicts.
Identification of the strains LEIV 27889 Vlgand Ast 986 by hemagglutination inhibition test with immune ascitic fluid and antigens of flaviviruses
a) Isolates were identified by comparative testing with the following strains of West Nile virus: LEIV Az1640, Azerbaijan, 1967, from Sitta europea birds; LEIV Az1628, Azerbaijan, 1967, from Turdus merula birds; LEIV Az72, Azerbaijan, 1970, from Ornithodorus capensis ticks; 2269 Ig, Madras, 1956, from Culex vishnui mosquitoes; in Eg 101, 1951, from the serum of an Egyptian pediatric patient; and other flaviviruses: Japanese encephalitis (JE), St.