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LEKLagen Om Elektronisk Kommunikation (Swedish Electronic Communications law)
LEKLocal Ecological Knowledge (various locations)
LEKLaurel Eastman Kiteboarding (Dominican Republic kite school and test center)
LEKLip Extension Kit (electric strikes)
LEKLeading Edge Kennels (Williamson, GA)
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Female #1 flew onto the lek at 05:55 and proceeded to walk around the lek.
Certain kinds of male birds gather into small clusters of land called leks to perform their courtship dances, and according to science, who they choose to associate with matters.
Presence or absence of Prosopis [greater than or equal to] 60 cm in height was observed at each lek, and active and abandoned leks were compared.
Through their stance, clothes and actions, however, Lek tells us about their wider environment: figures hunch up as they battle against the elements, struggle with shopping bags, or stop to chat in the street.
According to John Moran, a broker with the real estate services firm Newmark Knight Frank who represented Lek in the deal, the firm agreed to rents around $50 per square foot and received generous concessions from the building's landlord, Brookfield Properties.
Peacocks normally form leks, or groups of small territories, each owned by one male.
The pairs or triplets of burrows may be within a few meters of another pair or triplet, or widely spaced from others; however, spacing within the lek is not based on soil microhabitat features like pH, mineral or moisture content (Hill et al.
Lek, aged 37, was in the catering and restaurant trade in Thailand and he is hoping his culinary expertise will prove a tasty success with customers throughout the Sandwell borough.
Male black grouse gather daily at leks - communal breeding grounds - where they compete to mate with passing females.
In this paper, we examine male northern sharp-tailed grouse and relate endoparasite loads to age and territorial position on the lek.
Of 4,119 monitoring sites along 3,233 km of transects south of US380, one prairie chicken was observed at one site and vocalizations from one active lek were heard at two sites on 517,376 hectares surveyed.
In Thailand, a particularly heart-wrenching example of the pandemic's toll is found in the story of Lek, a former sex worker trying to see her family one last time before she dies.