LELCLatvian Evangelical Lutheran Church
LELCLEOT (Lao Educational Oppurtunities Trust) English Learning Centre (UK)
LELCLympho-Epithelioma-Like Carcinoma (cancer)
LELCLloyds Employment Law Consultancy (UK)
LELCLimited Exemption Listed Country (taxes; Australia)
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Since the histological finding shows the existence of pure LELC, the extension study found no other evident locations of malignancy and given that the patient sought organ-conservation approaches and refused radiotherapy fear of its side effects and that her general condition was very good that can withstand systemic chemotherapy, a decision with the oncological department was reached to begin chemotherapy with gemcitabine combined with cisplatin even if the tumor was invading the muscle.
Till now the appropriate management of LELC of the bladder is not unified and as for the other variant of urothelial carcinoma there are no clear guidelines about LELCB.
In this paper, we present a case of LELC of the breast, with a minireview of the literature.
LELC of the breast is a rare histopathologic variant of breast carcinoma and is not a part of the World Health Organization (WHO) classification for breast cancer [9].
Therefore, we studied all cases of LELC of the liver in our institution from the past 23 years.
The first case of LELC in the liver was reported by Hsu et al (33) in 1996; it was an intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma in a 47-year-old Chinese woman that was shown to harbor EBV, strain type 1.
Tumors with similar morphology in other sites such as salivary gland, stomach, thymus and lung are known as Lymphoepithelioma like carcinoma (LELC) (1).
LELC has been reported in the literature involving the renal parenchyma, pelvis, ureter and bladder, the latter being the most common site in the urinary system.
It is occasionally seen at other sites, in which case it is referred to as LELC. These sites include the thymus gland,[sup.1] salivary glands,[sup.2] lungs,[sup.3] stomach[sup.4] and, rarely, the urinary tract.
Thus Raela and her dependents live on her mother's tiny pension, her governmental child-support payments, and occasional small subsidies from the salary support fund of the LELC Consistory.
LELC's next project was to encourage local security groups to initiate discussions with their counterparts in the local police agencies.
Microscopically, the LELC pattern is defined by undifferentiated tumor cells arranged in syncytial sheets with ill-defined borders, prominent nucleoli, and numerous mitoses.