LEMAGLanarkshire Ethnic Minority Action Group (South Lanarkshire, UK)
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Os autores agradecem a FAPES/FUNCITEC pela bolsa de estudo e ao LabPetro-DQUI/UFES pelo apoio e suporte experimental e a equipe do LEMAG, LMC e LPT do DFIS/UFES pelas medidas de condutividade.
For automatic analysis of combustion process in diesel engines, Lehmann & Michels Company has developed a permanent system for monitoring performance marine engines, propellers and auxiliary called LEMAG PREMET online.
To measure the angular velocity of crankshaft Lehmann & Michels company developed LEMAG Multiscan sensor device (sensor MS), which is built for each crankshaft, depending on its size, easy installation on existing engines.