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LEMSIPLaboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates (New York University)
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I staunched the, well, flow with my newly-replenished stash of tissues, and then opened the box of Lemsip Max Day & Night Cold & Flu Relief Capsules.
The next night they slashed 14 trailers across the Midlands finding tyres worth PS20,000 and later that month they stole the Lemsip and Gaviscon, worth PS1,500 from services near Sheffield.
4bn the previous year, after it saw increasing demand for its products Lemsip and Strepsils.
Westoll's aim is to understand how "these particular selves are still in existence at all" after the physical and mental abuse they have suffered at places like LEMSIP.
Yes, while the concept of "man flu" has long been recognised by the female population as a ploy by their not so poorly male partners to be waited on hand and foot, almost one in three men in Liverpool now claims to be witnessing the first indications of "Girly Flu" in their partners, according to new research from Lemsip.
In the healthcare sector, the firm already owns a number of well-known brands, including Lemsip (cold and flu remedies), Dettol (disinfectant) and Gaviscon (indigestion treatment).
But why would Goodall be so reluctant to confirm that chimps can be unpredictable, understandably so in the case of LEMSIP, where chimp life is not all cakes and Kool-Aid?
Incidentally, if they haven't been seen since the Oscars, it's because they caught a chill and are in bed with a Lemsip and a tub of Vicks after flashing enough flesh to make Kelly Brook look like a member of the Association for Conservative Dress Codes.
SAVE: PS1 Lemsip Max Cold and Flu Capsules (16), Superdrug.
This has led to an onset of shivering exhaustion, and retreating to bed with a Lemsip to regroup.