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W TOMORROW ROW TOMORROW TOMORROW All the news and views from Hibees open day p y WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY W DNESDAY WEDNESDAY All the news and views from Celtic open day CTHURSDAY THURSDAY BROWN MCPAKE Captain's photo call as Celtic and Hibs count down to their big day FRIDAY CADETE VAN HOOIJDONK Former Celtic and Hibees legends give their cup final verdicts LATAPY SATURDAY SATURDAY URDAY PICTURE PERFECTpages 12&13 PICTUTURE PERFECTCPERFECTCFECTC PAGES pages 12&13 GONG YERSEL LENNY CH S CHAMPSPSPOSTEEROSTEER PAGES Cup Final Winner including predictions CHAMPS POSTERpages 10&11 LENN EU HAVE TO WAIT pages 6&7 HAVEU HAVEAITO WAIT thleen's joyas K thle K thlee Kth 'jj KthKthl K j 'j'j'jj
MEN WHO MATTER PA PAUL ULOSE SE SERG RG RGIO IO DA DA DA DA DANN NN NN NNYLE LE LE LENN NN NN NN NN NNON ON ON PAULO SERGIO THE Hearts boss' maroon cardigan maybe dodgy but his Jambos were spot on - well-drilled, disciplined and always patient as the Portuguese starts to see his vision for the club slowly come into play.
LENN US A HAND: Lennon needs club to take him on as player