LENNILAN Emulation Network-to-Network Interface
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These two great divisions consisted, on the one side, of the Five, or, as they were afterward called, the Six Nations, and their allies; and, on the other, of the Lenni Lenape, or Delawares, with the numerous and powerful tribes that owned that nation as their grandfather The former was generally called, by the Anglo-Americans Iroquois, or the Six Nations, and sometimes Mingoes.
Of the Lenni Lenape, or as they were called by the whites, from the circumstances of their holding their great council-fire on the banks of that river, the Delaware nation, the principal tribes, besides that which bore the generic name, were the Mahicanni, Mohicans, or Mohegans, and the Nanticokes, or Nentigoes.
When the Lenni Lenape formally asserted their independence, and fearlessly declared that they were again men.
SOUNDBITE (English) Lenni Montiel, Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development, Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations:
Playful young Lenni, born with Down syndrome, expresses joy and pain in their purest states, remaining buoyant even as his illness threatens to become insurmountable.
Miri in Stolen Voices is more brainwashed by her society than is Lenni in Pure.
A hostile and unwilling spectator at the beginning of the novel, she soon comes to experience voyeuristic pleasure watching Lenni and Stella having sex: [Q]uesto osceno divincolarsi di mia figlia e la sua benzinaia sembra andare per le lunghe, e il mio spirito, se non fosse tanto pigro e guardone, potrebbe approfittarne per allontanarsi ...
The community of Dawn, where Lenni resides, is controlled by the Genetic council, and monitored by the "Pure Police" who are eerily similar to the Nazis.
Gasoline tells the story of two gas station-operating lesbian lovers, Stella (Maya Sansa) and Lenni (Orioli), as they blast across Italy on the road trip from hell.
The film opens with Lenni, an upper-middle-class university dropout, necking with Stella, her auto mechanic girlfriend.
CHECK out Wednesday nights at Lenni's in Birkenhead.
In this novel, the reader makes the acquaintance of Lenni, Robert, Rosa, and several others.