LEOMLimited Election Observation Mission (Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights)
LEOMLaboratory of Electronics, Optoelectronics and Microsystems (now Institute of Nanotechnologies of Lyon; France)
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Regarding LEOM's mission in the country, Ahrens stated the mission will observe whether international standards of democratic elections are met and if the process of conducting the election complies with domestic law.
"The contract is the first for LEOM LLP but certainly not our first in the centre of Cardiff where we have been involved in a whole variety of high profile projects over the past 10 years."
From its inception, Israel recognized two forms of personal status, ezrahut, most commonly understood as "citizenship," and leom, which meant "nationality" or "peoplehood." All citizens are entitled to equality in civil society, but people legally designated a part of the Jewish nation are entitled to immediate citizenship, and supplementary material benefits start from there.
For example, if a child wrote "LEOM" for "ham," the researchers wondered whether he or she might write "LEOMDB" for "hamster." In the first two pairs, the sounds that are the same came at the beginning of the words, and in the last two pairs, such as "berry" and "strawberry," the same sounds came at the end.
Leo Motors, Incorporated (Leo Motors) (Pink Sheets: LEOM), a Korea-based company incorporated in Delaware, and engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of electric vehicles, has completed testing of its converted electric truck on one of the steepest mountain roads in Korea, named Nogodan.
Love, Julie, Linda and Stephen also a Great - Auntie to Carl, Chris, Jenna, Leom, Oscar, Elliot and Amber.
Cochrane also did well on Sunday, this time at Docklow Pools, near Leom i
Another winner was Leom Holley, of Smith's Industries in Cheltenham.
Directors are: Terry Dodson, United Pipe & Supply; Dan Ertel, UpTime Sciences; Kathy Jo Leom, Anslow & DeGeneault; Liesl McLean, Lamar Transit Advertising; Sandy Graham, Wilson-Heirgood Associates Insurance, and Larry Newby.
Leom Chivers, 17, Cardiff: ``Doing the garden has kept me off the streets and out of trouble.''
Leo Motors Incorporated (Leo Motors) (Pink Sheets: LEOM), a United States-based company that deals with the development, manufacture and sale of electric vehicles and EV components, has developed and started marketing its 120kW engine.