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LEOPLate Effects of Polio
LEOPLaunch and Early Orbit Phase
LEOPLegal Entity Ownership Program (California)
LEOPLaunch and Early Operations Phase
LEOPLaunch and Early Operation
LEOPLegal Education Opportunity Program (University of California, Hastings College of Law; San Francisco, CA)
LEOPLocal Emergency Operations Plans
LEOPLocalized Early-Onset Periodontitis (dentistry)
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En las elecciones primarias, realizadas de forma simultanea, tal como lo establece la LEOP, se presentaron tres facciones internas por el PLH, siete por el PNH y cinco por el partido Libre, con un total de quince movimientos en competencia.
Antes de la sancion de la LEOP de 2004, los lideres de las distintas facciones en cada partido eran los encargados de negociar los puestos tanto para diputados propietarios y suplentes como para los alcaldes, con la finalidad de obtener una representacion de cada faccion en la planilla (Rodriguez 2011).
This marked the start of LEOP, and the mission team was in the Main Control Room around the clock.
The highlight of LEOP came around midnight on Friday, when each of the three satellites deployed their 4 m-long booms carrying instruments essential to the mission's scientific success.
A community plan is usually found within or will reside within or be referenced within an LEOP.
A major aim of the LEOP was to bring the Satellite-to-Satellite Tracking Instrument (SSTI) - a highly accurate GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) receiver - into full operation.
TeLEOS-1 will exit the LEOP phase when the team assess that all basic Satellite Bus sub-systems and their functions are running as expected.
The types of benefits are available in four areas:- Algorithmic developments: developments, trends, and business reengineering tools,- Technical management (gt) and / or maintenance of the following: Heritage transverse Space Mechanics and crafts, technical management cinematic libraries Technical management tools "space operations Act" Technical Management orbit determination software,- Technical assistance (delegated task or capacity reinforcement) Mission Analysis and LEOP operations, prototyping of new business tools, engineering, business studies and expertise on thematic and above software,- R & T activities.
Lot 3: layer activities for the preparation and execution of LEOP (Launch and Early Orbit Phase) of HAG1 and EDRS-C.
Thanks both to the reactivity and excellence of its dedicated LEOP team and to the unique high class avionics design of its telecommunication Spacebus 4000 satellites family, Thales Alenia Space was able to proceed in real time to an optimized recovery from the wrong transfer orbit let by the launcher.